Welcome to the home of
Jason Popcorn’s NFT Collection

Jason Popcorn is the pseudonym of my 5 year old son who loves to draw. Even though he has been drawing since he was about 3, we didn't realize how meaningful it was to him until he told his pre-school class that he wanted to be a painter when he grows up.

As he learns to write, he often uses pictures with notes as a means to express himself, using them to impress and apologize. He is inspired to draw anything and everything from cars, friendly ghosts, landscapes, and characters from the video games, tv shows, and books that he loves, like Mario.

A family member showed him NFTs online. He loved looking at peoples art, and started asking if he could share his own. Now he brings me art to upload almost daily!

If you enjoy Jason's art, please reach out on Twitter and let him know!